Odyssey H1800

Control the temperature of your whole home with the switch of a button for under $1000.

Product Specification

Product Specification

Nominal system diameter: 400mm

Electrical:1.3m x 50m

Ventilator: Hybrid (natural and powered) backward curved centrifugal

Motor: Electronic Commutating (EC) brushless motor

Turbine/impeller diameter: 500mm

Other Specifications

Flow rate @ psF = 0: 2100 m3/hr

Noise SPL@2m: 30 dB(A)

Roof slope installation range: 3° to 35°

Roof space minimum height: 0.7m (600mm rafter spacing), 0.85m (450mm rafter spacing)

Roof space maximum height: 2.4m (600mm rafter spacing), 2.55m (450mm rafter spacing)

Diverter valve: 2 way, 2 position | air source diverter valve

Ducting: 2m flexible metallised polyester film with helix wire support

Grille: Return air type with magnetically detachable grille

Sensor accuracy: Temperature: ±0.4°C | Relative humidity: ±3%